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Our Vision

Collectively making
good things happen.

Tradition. Innovation. Collaboration

Direct Create bridges the gap between tradition and innovation to define a new collaborative future for sustainable artisanal crafts.

About us
At the core
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Direct Create (DC) is India’s first digital creative platform connecting local makers to a global network of designers and buyers to collaborate and co-create handcrafted products. Fostering a community of over 15,000 handpicked makers and designers, we create an organic connection between makers and buyers.

India is renowned for its tradition of fine handcrafted goods. Direct Create allows buyers to customize products, shop a curated selection of premium maker goods and experience the timeless beauty of Indian craftsmanship.

Service Areas

Direct Create operates in three service areas to connect makers, designers and buyers, and makes handmade crafts accessible to a wider market.

Project Management

We work with buyers and retailers to elevate their product offering by planning and developing a unique portfolio of handcrafted goods.

Design Collaboration

We take a collaborative approach to design innovation, creating connections between interdisciplinary creatives to develop design solutions that range from premium products to experiential spaces and large-scale projects.


We orchestrate the end-to-end development of project life cycles with a specialization in design, manufacturing processes and project execution from concept to delivery.


Artisanal Craft Meets

Innovative Design

Pot design
pot craft

Imagine what can happen when designers collaborate with traditionally-trained makers to reimagine the possibilities of their ideas; when local makers apply modern materials, techniques or trends to elevate the overall quality and originality of design.


Our world is filled with the wealth of diverse art and craft that celebrates local cultures, tells mythical tales and shares stories of love and adventure. We work directly with hundreds of makers to preserve their tradition of craftsmanship.



Direct Create operates under the guiding principle that, collectively, we can make good things happen. It is with this in mind that we imagined a platform fueled by collaboration– a creative community united by a shared desire to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of design. We believe that when unconventional relationships are formed, it unlocks the possibility to create something extraordinary. We invite you to join the community.



Makers are given space to explore the boundaries of their traditions and connect their creativity to the global marketplace. This empowers communities and ensures that ancient, beautiful traditions are not lost.



Designers can tap into a marketplace of high-quality craftspeople who will transform their ideas into beautifully-handcrafted products. No other platform allows designers to work so intimately and collaboratively with makers.



Buyers can collaborate with makers and designers to commission bespoke products directly from the source. There is no minimum quantity threshold; products are custom-made to your specifications at a fraction of the price.

We are the


We believe that technology will give rise to a truly global creative economy: designers and makers collaborating to create new trends; multinational brands partnering with small local producers; buyers seeking opportunities to make a positive impact.

Our digital platform - available online and via mobile app - connects these communities like never before, facilitating seamless collaboration, co-creation and commerce across the globe.

Design Trends


Our work leads us on a constant quest to discover the influences, trends and moments that drive inspiration around the world. Here we present a small selection the influences currently fueling India’s venerable craft heritage – these trends will impact the world of design into 2020.

design trend electic Infusion

Natural & Artistic

Art is an expression of our relationship to the natural environment – and design that plays with the contrast of hard and soft, natural and manmade can be the most striking. There is a bit of honesty in this approach to design: the raw emotion invoked with earthy tones inspire a harmonious flow of creative energy, compelling every individual to connect more closely with their human side.

design trend playful emotion

Eclectic Infusion

An eclectic combination of traditional design, modern prints and natural materials. What stands out is the subtle play of various textures and structures – metal mixes with stone, contemporary Pattachitra motifs that elevate neutral wooden boxes, Bhagalpur silk is woven in traditional patterns. The result is a playful embellishment that transforms everyday objects into enduring classics.

design trend 07

Playful Emotion

Experiential designs are intended to spark joy in anyone who beholds them. Artists and creatives are reminded that spaces are meant to evoke emotion, empathy and a bit of playfulness. By balancing the rigidity of clean lines and sharp angles with soft touches of charm and personality, designs are made approachable, spaces accessible, and experiences enjoyable.

design trend 08

Storytelling & Wonder

Puppetry, a storytelling tradition that delights the ages, can take several forms and employ different mediums. Those familiar childhood toys are implicit in their aim of sparking the imagination. Likewise, every design has its own story to tell; and that story is singular and integral to the creation process. Artisans are creating fresh, fun objects that encourage a childlike curiosity and wonder in the beholder

design trend electic Infusion

Sustainable Elegance

Sustainability and environmental consciousness have strongly influenced design initiatives in recent years. Consumers want to hold fast to an eco-friendly lifestyle without sacrificing aesthetically-pleasing craftsmanship and design. And so designers and makers have stepped in to redefine the ways beauty and sustainability can go hand-in-hand.

The Impact of Collaborative

Innovation and Design

Collaboration is the propelling force behind design, innovation and impact. It’s about coming together to find new approaches to ordinary problems. It’s the mixing of experiences, cultures, traditions and techniques to create something truly remarkable.

How we collaborate

Technology is the vehicle that drives collaboration. It enables humans to connect across lingual, cultural and geographical barriers. Direct Create democratises the creative process to empower creative minds to create well-designed spaces and high-quality goods.

Ongoing collaborations
# Thali Project

The Thali project unpacks the design aesthetic, tradition and functionality of the platter. The spirit of this project underscores how the sharing of food – often served on the iconic platter – can unite individuals through shared sensual experience when no connection exists.

# micro homes

We bring traditional craftsmanship to scale with handcrafted micro homes. These architectural works of innovation are our latest collaborative venture, combining local artistry with cutting-edge technology to create sustainable living spaces.




In the last year, Direct Create has worked extensively on design projects for clients like Fabindia, Reliance Foundation, KGK group, Nicobar, Sujan Luxury and many more. As collaborators, we seamlessly navigate design thresholds from crafted products to large-scale projects.

On the following slides, we illustrate how we are able to leverage the Direct Create principle of collaboration to realize projects that cross industries and sectors – from architectural solutions to sustainable textiles and historic public spaces.

Our Crafts

India’s art and craft traditions transcend materials, styles and forms. From mythological to vernacular, they embody local cultures and beliefs, and tell stories of shared values, experiences, skills and life. We’ve curated a diverse collection to represent the potential that exists in the craft space. Let us introduce you to the fresh, modern world of India’s craft inheritance. Allow yourself to get inspired.

Imagine & Create

A New Age of

Tradition and Design

Direct Create launched in 2015 as an e-commerce platform connecting makers and designers. Today, we have evolved into India’s only digital creative community platform bringing makers, designers and buyers together to co-create bespoke handcrafted goods. Our aim is to revolutionize the field of design, while supporting the legacy of India's oldest craft traditions and sustaining communities. Let’s collaborate and continue to collectively make good things happen.

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