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The Anonymous Design Lab
An Interdisciplinary collaboration that asks tough questions about sustainability, traditions and design.
About ADL

The Anonymous

Design Lab

The Anonymous Design Lab (ADL) targets to apply design thinking for achieving radically sustainable consumer ecosystems. ADL asks the tough questions about our materials, cultures, technology, art, heritage, design and explores its alignment with 'true sustainability'.

The climate change crisis and plastic proliferation have forced a sense of urgency in finding sustainable options for consumption across all aspects of modern living.

Modern industrial processes are ignoring the capacity and potential within global cultural and material diversity that can be harnessed to find the answers. The industry is trying to find solutions within technology while ADL believes the answer lies in creative thinking with the know-how of traditional knowledge and modern sciences.

The Possibilities



ADL targets to achieve true sustainability and generate impact, that can address inequality and explore the intersection between academics and real-world. Viewing the problems with a modern lens on traditional crafts and materials, ADL can partner with institutions around the following themes.

Creation of a

Material Library

Today’s day and age is marked by an increase in demand for sustainable material and environmental friendly products and accompanied by demands by the designers to develop innovative and utilitarian products for the future. To design new products which express a futuristic feeling and a “must-have-feeling”; there is a need to better educate designers and architects which requires an in-depth knowledge of material. For a student, the biggest advantage of a material library is the possibility to touch and feel the material samples. This allows students to understand a specific material and its properties.

Direct Create has access to numerous sustainable materials across 700+ crafts of India. The Anonymous Design Lab can curate a wide selection of samples for students to freely take and use on their design projects in order to create innumerable possibilities with sustainability at the core.

An Inter-Disciplinary

Academic Programme

The Anonymous Design Lab will consist of an elective course work for students across various disciplines such as design, planning, architecture, product development, graphic design, communication among others. Students will get the opportunity to collaborate and co-create products, thus creating a communicative and interactive ecosystem driven by real-world applications.

The Lab aims to challenge and develop students’ design skills through a design process that incorporates inter-sectional constraints, including product history, diverse crafts, material constraints, varied techniques, present-day applications and other complexities. The ambition is to embark on an interdisciplinary exploration of product/idea/ material/craft and communicate its potential to the world.

Internship Opportunities

For Students

Internships at our New Delhi and Amsterdam office provides a unique hands-on experience in real projects, working side-by-side with our merchandisers, designers, makers and clients. Students not only get the exposure of working in a new cultural environment but also get to contribute their own unique ideas and methods to our systems.

The possible verticals of internship include Design, Graphics, Architecture, Supply chain & Operations, Business & Sales, Marketing, Product Creation and Content Writing, Storytelling.


Product Development

Direct Create provides a unique scope of online collaboration and product development. The platform is supported by Direct Create’s team of merchandisers who enable cross-regional, cross-material and cross-craft collaborations at the click of a button. The Lab will enable students to develop and design products without having to leave the college premises, let alone the country. This will not only cut down on logistical and communication costs but also make the entire process hassle-free and interesting for the student.

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Ongoing ADL Studios

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