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Gifting Ideas

Empowerment Through Craft

Gifting Ideas

Empowerment Through Craft

शिल्प से स्वावलम्बन

Celebrating with Joy and Impacting livelihoods

This festive season let's Gift Consciously! 

This pandemic has created havoc and has brought disruption into many lives including the craft communities. The effect has been enormous with the changing economy, reduced spending and subsequent lockdowns. The artisans and makers are facing the brunt because tourism has come to a grinding halt and spending capacity has decreased or we should say that it has become thought driven. The handcrafted products do not come in the essential category, but given a thought, we can make it a personal choice to adapt to more sustainable ways to lead our lives. There is always a way to switch to a better alternative that is healthier, joyful and has a personal touch to it.


Key Points

This festive season is not going to be like the usual ones we all have celebrated till now. The pandemic has brought us all to a new normal, a change in conscience, to lead our lives more meaningfully and to spread positivity across all strata. We have sourced handcrafted products from the original makers and have curated the Gifting Collections for you. This is our initiative to bring a change in the livelihoods of our artisans, who have the exclusive knowledge of the rich cultural craft heritage of India.

We urge you to give a thought, bring a smile and spread happiness throughout the colourful festive season by buying directly from the makers. Customise and create your own personalised collections that add meaning to the overall concept of gifting. The joy of gifting will spread happiness to your friends and family and at the same time bring hope to the artisan families.  Remember that these times too shall pass.

Gifting Ideas!

India is the world’s largest repository of Hand Skills and sustainable manufacturing by using equitable skills, natural materials and fibres. This Gifting collection is conceived as a showcase of the best India has to offer in the 21st Century; Inspired from the rich cultural traditions and blended with modern design sensibility and utility. The collection is made from a careful curation of crafts and makers from across India to offer a unique blend of products that are beautifully packed and presented.

The product selection is based on targeted themes that will inspire your customers to engage more and more with the immensely refined traditional knowledge systems of our country.

"Each Gifting Idea created by us is a vibrant and contemporary adaptation of the finest products from across India. Now you can partner with us in helping to rebuild the arts and crafts communities deeply impacted by the ongoing pandemic. You are sharing your joy with everyone this festive season." 

Gifting Ideas

Choose from our Gifting Categories

Every collection is made with products that can be used in your day to day lives. 
Tableware & Decor
Wellness and Aromatherapy
For your Workspace
Customised Kits
In just THREE simple steps you can create the most exquisite and impactful Giting plan for this festive season! 
Step 1
You can BUY from Gifting Collections designed by our Craft Experts 

These are carefully curated collections presented to you by our Design team. We have more than 15 unique "Gifting Idea Collections", curated and customised from the best makers across India. The collections can be bought with a Minimum Order Quantity of 25 pieces. Explore the full array of Gifting Ideas HERE!

Not really sure what you want, then you can download the GIfting Idea Catalogues - It's free!! All Gifting Idea Catalogues are listed HERE for free Download. You can use the Ideas Catalogues for creating your own ideas or share it with your family and friends to understand what they like and then choose to make the selection.

You can also shop for them here: SHOP

You can DIY [ Do it Yourself ] - Create your own Customised Gifting Collections

You can create your own gift collection. We have an entire range of our gifting collection products for you to choose from and create your own collection. All the products are here:

Step 2
Select your choice of Packaging

The happiness of opening a gift... Select the Packaging that you want, and we will gift pack them at an optimised cost based on your selection. Our designers have created multiple packaging options for you. You can select from our Minimal Wrap option, which's lovingly wrapped in 100% upcycled handmade paper or get the Gifts packed in a paper box nicely decorated and individually wrapped or try our premium packaging option, get your Gifts put in a beautiful 100% handmade natural fibre basket.

Step 3
Fully managed Delivery

Just give us your Gifting List and relax, your Festival Gifts will be sent along with your personalised message to your entire list, and we will send you a delivery confirmation once the Gifts are received.

We will deliver your products pan India with a minimal as per actual additional cost depending on the location. Once you have placed the order, our team will get in touch with you to understand your requirement. Depending on the shipping requests we will provide you a custom offer to choose from.

Important Note about Order Timelines

All your selected products are created by the makers and artisans across India. We have a maker in Kutch, who would make your hand embroidered table mats, an artist in Odisha who will hand paint your items, an artisan in Jammu and Kashmir would make a papier-mache box for you and so on... We will then get these checked and packed in your selected packaging options before sending them out for delivery. We will need 30- 45 days to fulfil your orders. 

Conscious Gifting can be so simple!! 

You can reach us from across all major social channels with #DirectCreate 

Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter: @directcreate and #DirectCreate 

or Email:

or Call our Customer Support No: +91 704 208 4956



  1. What is the Minimum Order Quantity?

Answer: 25 sets of 1 collection (1 set is a Gifting Collection comprising of 2-3 products)

  1. How do I select the Packaging?

Answer: We have three packaging options; you can select the one you like- The charges for packaging are extra.

  1. How will you deliver the products?

Answer: We can deliver the gifts to your addresses directly. Shipping charges will be extra as per actuals.

  1. Can I create my customized Collection of Gifts?

Answer: YES! You can. Select the products you want; you can have a look at our pre-existing Gift Collections for an idea and create your own collection at no extra charge.

  1. Why should I buy from DirectCreate?

Answer: All of our products are directly sourced and curated from the makers and grass root level artisans. We want you to create an impact on the livelihoods of the artisanal community of India who put in all their efforts to create these beautiful handcrafted products. Nuances of different parts of India in one kit!



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