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Discover & Collaborate

How to DC

Discover & Collaborate

Feeling lost? Puzzled with budget and provisions? Here we'll guide you on how to collaborate with DirectCreate and make trailblazing progress in getting the right products for your business from the craft community all over India.

We at DirectCreate serve a platform to connect local makers and artisans with global designers and buyers so keep following up as we will lead you to ways in which you can select and make the best of purchases.

Join the community by registering yourself

Fill up your details and select the I am a BUYER option at the very start of signing up (there are other 2 options for the roles of DESIGNERS and MAKERS too which you can select all together accordingly) with the Correct mobile number & Email ID as our team will contact you very soon after the completion of the joining process.

Now the real work would be visible on your dashboard for you to keep track of.


One way with which you can start the process is by visiting the CRAFT section on the DirectCreate.

A gallery of various crafts available across the nation is available for you to explore and choose the type of art you're looking for. Click on CRAFT DETAILS leading to the detailed description about the art origins and everything of relevance. After happening to go forward with the craft, click on COLLABORATE after which you'll be needed to fill in more details about your service or company name, colour, JPEG, PNG or PDF of a particular design or pattern, further requirements, order quantity, order value and lead time of your choice. Once you're done, send the request after which our team will be getting in touch with you on the provided phone number.


Another way with which you can also start the process is by visiting the DISCOVER section on the DC website.

You can make your choices on the basis of makers and designers by viewing their profile, area of work and offerings for collaboration. Choose from a pool of talented creators - DESIGNER or MAKER. Make further choices from the craftwork practised by them and collaborate with the order related details similar to the way mentioned earlier.

Another way of collaborating is product-wise shopping which you'll find in the SHOP section.

A gallery of products' collections with different crafts is available for the customers' choice. These can be ordered either directly or with the customisation of your choice. Click on the BUY button which will lead to the dashboard giving you the choice of usual online buying options.

START A PROJECT option helps you to customize the product your way. The buying process forward is similar to the earlier.

Let's give you a final and the best touch of the PROJECT section of DirectCreate which leads us to witness our journey to date and create something new with us.

May it be a special occasion, festivity or a renovation of your workspace or home, you name it!

Work with the already available crafts, artisans or a completely fresh collaboration creating different mixes of crafts of products... Share your ideas the best, we'll do the mechanics while you rest!


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