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Spiritual Merchandise

Spiritual Merchandise

Spiritual Merchandise

Spiritual Merchandise

We are Buying! Open Opportunity for Designers and Makers

Material x Spiritual

Despite the decline in popularity of ritualistic practices, spirituality remains a key interest to consumers, who are turning to hybrid religious mash-ups to cater to personalised beliefs and experiences. 
We are following this trend to build a comprehensive collection of Spiritually Responsive and Designed Products. We are in search for designs that point towards the Sacred and explore how spirituality can influence current yearning for a holistic lifestyle.
With Google searches for “wellness” up 200% since 2015, wellness routines are increasingly positioned as rituals. Beauty and lifestyle products are borrowing ideas from the spiritual or alternative health practices. At the same time, consumers are reinventing their past and are searching for Products that are inspired by traditions but also meet the needs of a modern lifestyle.


Key Points

We are looking at products that fall under Material X Spritual theme and are a perfect blend of modern design, craftmanship and utility. If you have a highly personalised idea around spirituality that inspires the Sacred and the Symbolic through products that merge cultures across past and present, high-tech and craft, facilitating self-awareness and expression - we are looking for you!

We have listed our products into various categories in Table A below. We are really tight on the timeline for our first purchases, so would request to send in your interest as early as possible.

Selection Criteria  
We have shared the full list of product categories that we are considering to purchase. If you have products under the categories we would like you to share them with us by filling this Form:

FORM: Spiritual Merchandise for DirectCreate 

Remember to fill in the following details for each product: Product Images, MOQ, Ready Stock Availability, Price [ Landed Delhi ] 
TABLE A: Product Categories
Product Category
Minimum Order Quantity [MOQ]
1.11 Singing Bowls 10
1.12 Incense Holders 25
1.13 Diffusers 25
1.14 Wax melts 25
1.15 Candles 25
1.16 Pooja Samagri 25
1.17 Reflexology Kits 15
1.18 Mats- Yoga 25
1.19 Oils- Essential 25
1.2 Sanitizers 30
1.21 Masks 50
1.22 Gloves 50
1.23 Incense sticks and dhoop 25
1.24 T- Lights 25
1.25 Bells 25
1.26 Chowki 15
1.27 Dream Catchers 25
1.28 Meditation Cushions 25
1.29 Copper Bottles 25
1.3 Copper Glass 25
3.11 Kitchen Towel 25
3.12 Spice Boxes 25
3.13 Spices and Condiments 25
3.14 Wellness Ingredients 25
4.1 Diary 25
4.2 Calenders 25
4.3 Pencils 25
4.4 Keychains 25
4.5 Fridge Magnets 25
5.11 Yoga Wear- Unisex 25
5.12 Short Kurtas 25
5.13 Long Kurtas 25
5.14 T-shirts 25
5.14.11 Men 25
5.14.12 Women 25
5.15 Unisex 25
5.16 Caps 25
6.11 Table linen 25
6.12 Tablemats 25
6.13 Napkins 25
6.14 Napkin Holder 25
6.15 Table runners 25
6.16 Butter Dish 25
6.17 Breakfast Tray 25
6.18 Tea Cups 25
6.19 Tea sets 25
6.2 Juice Glasses 25
6.21 Benaras wooden painted cups 25
6.22 Chutney jars 25
6.23 Toran 25
6.24 Decorative lights 25
6.25 Crystal and salt lights 25
7.11 Puzzels 25
7.12 DIY kits 25
7.13 Board games 25
8.11 Pouches 25
8.12 Potlis 25
8.13 Sling bags 25
8.14 Tote Bags 25
8.15 Wallets 25
9.11 Tooth Brush 25
9.12 Soaps 25
9.13 Solid Perfumes 25
9.14 Herbal facewash 25
9.15 Herbal Shampoos 25
9.16 Healing Creams 25
10.11 Wall Hangings 10
10.12 Decorative Art 15
10.13 Textile Art 5
10.14 Collectables- small artworks on Paper/ Fabric 25
11.11 Yantras 15
11.12 Worship symbols 15
11.13 Yagya Kund 15
12.11 Earrings 25
12.12 Necklaces 25
12.13 Bracelets 25
12.14 Charms 25
If your products are shortlisted we will request you to share the URL of your shop on DirectCreate, if you are not part of our Community then you need to Register and Join DirectCreate  
Next - list the Products that have been selected to your DirectCreate Shop or Studio as well as anything else you would like to showcase. We will be making all purchases directly from your Shop on DirectCreate. 
General Order Terms and Conditions :
  1. Registering on DirectCreate website before the collaboration agreement is mandatory.
  2. The Vendor(s) shall ensure that all the products are packaged and physically tagged under the brand of the Company [ Details will be shared once shortlisted ]
  3. In the event of a transfer price model, the Vendor(s) shall ensure that the Company is being offered the best price for the ordered products.
  4. The Vendor(s) shall update the Company every 30 days with respect to the price, pictures and brochures of the available stocks
  5. The Vendor(s) shall email the product sheet of the Selected goods in the format provided by the Company.
  6. The Vendor(s) shall inform the Merchandiser and the Inventory Manager about the dispatch of the goods along with the Shipment tracking details and the picture of the packaged goods, through E-mail and WhatsApp
  7. The Vendor(s) can share the good quality or hi-resolution photographs of the Products to the company for their promotion.


Working Model

  1. The Purchase Order of goods sold by the Company shall be raised in accordance with the format provided.
  2. The order and stock inventories shall be sent to the Company’s registered office in New Delhi.
  3. The Company shall inspect the quality of goods upon its receipt and the goods if found damaged, shall not be considered in the Company’s inventory. The Company shall inform the maker within a period of 5 (“Five”) days upon the receipt of damaged goods.



  1. The payment for the sold products shall be made to the maker within a period of 45 (“Forty-five”) days from the receipt of the invoice in the Company’s Registered Office.
  2. The Vendor(s) shall attach Proforma Invoices or Challan for the goods that are being sent to the Company. The Company shall not accept the Goods sent without the Challan or invoices and shall not responsible for indemnifying the Vendor.
  3. The amount mentioned in the Invoices shall be equivalent to the price quoted in the Product sheet(s).
  4. The Tax Invoice shall be raised by the Vendor(s) against the Purchase Order with the item code.


Liability of the Products

  1. The Company shall only bear the cost of the most Fragile Products, in case the same gets damaged in the Company’s Inventory.
  2. The Vendor(s) shall take full responsibility and be obliged to rectify the defect during Defect Liability Period of 4 (“Four”) months.
  3. The Company shall not be liable to bear the costs for the exchanged goods having manufacturing defects. The goods shall be exchanged through the Company and not by the Company which herein is related to the end customer.
  4. The Vendor shall provide the below-mentioned details to the Company:
    1. Original Cancelled Cheque;
    2. GST registration Copy;
    3. A self-attested copy of the PAN Card.



  1. The Vendor(s) shall indemnify the Company for any loss caused due to the delay in delivery of products and inventories.
  2. The Vendor(s) shall ensure that all the products being supplied to the Company shall have an effective insurance policy.

The complete copy of the agreement along with the annexures will be sent to you via email post your product selection.

Share your Product Images along with MOQ and Delhi landed cost [ excluding GST ] by uploading it here or email to Contact@directcreate.com

Need more clarification you can also Whatsapp or Call on +91 7042084956

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