Craft Stonemasonry & carving in Astronomy
Stonemasonry & carving in Astronomy
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Stonemasonry & carving in Astronomy


Jantar Mantar complex is one of the unique marvels born out of this mastered art of stone carving and the determination of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. The techniques of construction include stonemasonry & carving are among the earliest techniques used for building structures. The stone carvers in India have created wonders with their knack for skills and precision. The tradition of construction and carving we see today is the result of collective expertise developed over 20 centuries.

Jantar Mantar is a set of astronomical observatories built in the 18th century. ‘Jantar Mantar’ denotes the use of astronomical instruments for calculations. They were built with a motivation for extreme accuracy. Stonemasonry and carving techniques were preferred as they could accomplish the purpose of permanency and competency, compared to brass.
These complexes were built at locations of significance - Delhi, Ujjain, Varanasi, Mathura and Jaipur. It can record astronomical data & calculate movements of celestial bodies to forecast a perfect timing for future strategies.

The dimensions of Yantras (or Jantar) range from a few feet up to 30 yards. The Maharaja consulted with the astronomy & construction experts from different regions, with a vision to improvise these instruments. Samrat Yantra is referred to as the ‘Supreme instrument’. The King himself devised this instrument and is the largest sundial in the world with phenomenal accuracy. It can calculate & measure a duration as small as 2 seconds. This was at par with the contemporary systems developed around the world. This suggests that by collaborative efforts we have the capacity to bring the best out of a craft.


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Stonemasonry & carving in Astronomy
Stonemasonry & carving in Astronomy
Stonemasonry & carving in Astronomy
Stonemasonry & carving in Astronomy
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